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Inclusion in Education

The structure of education of individuals with impairments and disabilities is regulated by the Ministry of Education in the Law about Special schools and in notification of Ministry of Education (2000). This law is an illustration of the new tendency towards integration that enables children with disabilities to attend inclusive classes or special classes within elementary or secondary school. The law also includes conditions for running a special elementary and high schools (for children with visual, mental, physical and hearing impairments from 6 until 15 years old). Separate education exists in private as well as public schools.

There are a series of laws on the subject of education of children with special needs and integration. These laws affect special schools, pupils with special needs, conditions for teaching and explanations of integrations. The presented official documents are included in basic school documents, which were approved by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak republic, National Board of SR.

Law No 29/1984 Code of laws about the system of primary and secondary schools.

This law includes basic rules for pupils and teaching, for example:

  • The decision about pupil acceptance into schools
  • Recommendations to provide adequate education in correspondance to individual abilities for pupils with special needs
  • The principle of the equal access to treatment
  • The rights and commitments of schools towards integrated pupils
  • The rules of the individual educational programme

Law No. 229/2000Code of laws regulates the system of primary and secondary schools for pupils with special educational needs

Law No 596/2003 Code of laws regulates State administration in schools and school self-government

This law includes for example:

  • conditions for the organisation of special classes
  • the request for support measures

Separate Ministry of Education SR notification:

  • No 212/1991 Code of laws about special schools:
    • conditions for start up special classes
    • number of pupils in special classes
    • requirement for pupils‘ files
  • No 409/1990 Code of laws about special classes in normal schools for pupils with physical, visual and hearing impairments.

This law was completed in the year 1998. It covers special classes for pupils with cardio- vascular diseases, haemophilia, oncological diseases, diabetes mellitus, allergy, chronical respiratory and cutaneous impairments, metabolic and hormonae impairments.

  • No 43/1996 about special school teachers:
    • conditions for education consultancy
    • employment of special educator
  • No 353/1997 Code of laws
    • conditions for pupils‘ acceptance into special school
    • recommendations on cooperation with consultary services

Other methodical instruction:

  • Government decree No 2/2004 about financial resources
  • Cabinet resolution from the year 1997 about debarriers in school for period from 1999 until 2009
  • Methodical instruction for teacher assistant (No 1631/2002) in special schools and special classes

Curriculum for primary-from the 1. until 9. classes (in the year 2003/2004) and secondary schools- from the 10 . until 12. classes (in the year 2004/2005) for Adapted physical education and for Integration in physical education.

More information can be found on the webpage of the Ministry of Education from the Slovak Republic.

Inclusion in Sports

Sport in Slovakia is characterised by the partnership between governmental and non-governmental organisations at all levels. The National Council Law on Physical Culture (from 1990) defined the responsibilities of individual organisations and state authorities in sport. This also included articles on educational and commercial activities in sport (from 1997).

The central authority of state administration responsible for sport is the Slovak Ministry of Education, Sports Department. Their main responsibilities include the support of all national teams, international cooperation with non-governmental organisations and providing grants to sport associations from the state budget.

Non - governmental organisations: there are 6 big umbrella sports organisations:

  1. Slovak Association of Physical Culture:
    • Confederation of Slovak Sport Federations
    • Slovak Sport for All Association
    • Association of Clubs of Slovak Republic
    • Slovak Football Association
  2. Association of Technical and Sports Activities
  3. Organisations of School and University Sport
  4. Special Non-governmental Organisations: Special Olympics Slovakia
  5. Slovak Olympic Committee
  6. Slovak Paralympic Committee

In each of the umbrella organisations several kinds of cooperation exists between disabled and non- disabled organisations: use common personnel and facilities, share training spaces, preparation of integrative competitions, etc.

There are also specific national sport federations for disabled :

Slovak Sports Association for people with mental handicap

Beginning of realization sport activities from 1991. 250 sportsmen, 18 clubs. Member of INAS-FID and Slovak Paralympic Committee.

Slovak Association of Deaf Sportsmen

Came into existence in1947, associates 515 sportsmen in 18 clubs with hearing impairments and deaf. Member of CISS, EDSO and Slovak Paralympic Committee.

Section of Blind and Weak Sight Sportsmen of Slovakia

Started in 1990. They develop sport activities for people with visual impairments. 410 sportsmen in 25 clubs. Member of IBSA and Slovak Paralympic Committee.

Slovak Sports Association for the Disabled

Started from 1990. Activities are organised in 33 clubs with 3754 athlets. Member of ISOD, ISMWSF, CP ISRA, International Tennis Federation, World Organization Volleyball for Disabled, International Wheelchair Basketball Federation, as well as member of Slovak Paralympic Committee.

Slovak Union of Physical Education, Sport and Recreation

From 1980 started activities of Adapted Physical Activity commission, it develops sport for all, activites for various health impairments, prepares methodical materials, coordinates clubs, groups for disabled people (segregate and integrative), educates volunteers for APA, coaches for sport for disabled. This Union cooperates with school adapted physical education teachers.

Special Olympics Slovakia

Was set up in 1993 and develops national programe of year-round sports training and competition for children, youth and adults with mental disability, arranges preparation of sportsmen for winter and summer special olympics games. Participation: 1362 members in 75 clubs, development of 14 kinds of sport, member of SOI.

Slovak Paralympic Committee

Was set up in 1995, it is member of International Paralympic Committee from 1995, member of European Paralympic Committee from 1997. The main tasks and objectives of it are: arranging for the preparation and participation of the national team at Paralympic Games and World Games of the Deaf, as well as to spread the ideas of the Paralympics movement, promotion of sport among children and youth with disabilities, integration of sport of athletes with disabilities in national movement. There are include special non-governmental associations for disabled: Slovak Sports Association for the Disabled, Slovak Association of Deaf Sportsmen, Section of Blind and Weak Sight Sportsmen of Slovakia, Slovak Sports Association for People with mental Handicap.



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